pinot noir

A sunset date with Krone

Krone recently sent me a beautiful picnic basket filled with mouth-watering hand made treats and two bottles of their still Chardonnay/Pinot Noir.

This blend is my absolute favourite wine so the arrival of said basket delivered great excitement for me.

I thoroughly appreciated the crisp, fresh bouquet and I foresee that this wine will accompany me to many occasions in the future.

“An unexpected twist” - I had to appreciate the playful double entendre that Krone had (I’m assuming, intentionally) provided; the theme of the basket and the innovative helix cork, which lets be honest, really gives this bottle of wine the spirit of spontaneity.

This is a wine that is ready to be enjoyed wherever, whenever.  

I had to decide on a setting that would compliment the idea of innovation.

Something a little different…

I must admit that my first thought was stuck on the notion of romance, however since my partner does not drink, I was forced to really expand on my initial idea. I had an epiphany;

Why do we maintain that the notion of romance is exclusively reserved for a lover or significant other?

Google tells me that, aside from being a noun, “Romance is a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.”

I can definitely say without a shadow of doubt that my very close friends offer me exactly that.

Spoiling my friends in this way can be a bit self-indulgent but the beauty of it? I get to share in the fun unashamedly without the need of a corkscrew or clean-shaven legs.

That’s the kind of spontaneity I can really get behind.


*This blog post was sponsored by Krone. All opinions are my own.