Leopold7, expect the unexpected

There is a new kid on the block in terms of craft beer and I must say I am impressed! A beer that is made with the environment in mind is my kind of beer!

With the theme of “expect the unexpected” I was whisked away to a magical night in Elgin at the Old Mac Daddy Airstream Park. For those of you that don’t know that part of the country, it really is something special. The green rolling hills and quiet forest surroundings make you feel like you are 100 miles from nowhere. Perfect for a picnic and beer under an old oak tree!

Leopold7 is a craft beer that has come to South Africa from Belgium and has hit the shores with amazing flavours of citrus and floral notes. We were treated to tasting notes to get our taste buds going (from popcorn to chocolate truffles) through out the day, which started off by listening to opera in the middle of a farm field. Very much expect the unexpected!

To see a fusion of international beer and local inspiration come to fruition in leopold7 is simply, magical. One minute we were crossbow shooting the next watching synchronized swimmers perform in a lake. All that just to emphasize the boldness that is Leopold7. With a higher than normal alcohol level this beer truly is audacious and with 3 grains and 3 hops blended together with a secret spice (that none of us could guess, let me know if you can) you can truly expect a great tasting beer that is sure to rock beer culture in South Africa!