This is me, sharing my personal journey into health and wellness. I am no doctor or nutritionist. I have discovered balance and health in my life and want to share my journey with you. I hope you can take something away from it that will help you along your way to connecting with self. 


I never used to be the type of person who LOVED exercise. You know, the type of person who wakes up at 5 am to be at the gym while the birds are still waking up. The type of person to push weights and run far and fast. It's just not for me. For most of my twenties, I spent a lot of time trying to be a 5 am'er and then beating myself up when I failed at being one. This resulted in me not exercising and making a million excuses as to why I can't. I also have the luck of being a competitive person. Not necessarily with someone else but with myself. This meant in my head that I was supposed to be the way I was in high school. I would keep referring to my "back in the day fitness" There was only one problem. My "back in the day fitness" was way gone and so was my perspective. Being 30 is not being 25 and being 25 isn't 16. I'm sure a few you of can relate. You look back and it feels like yesterday hence your body should be where your mind thinks it's at. It was all a big mess and to be honest just resulted in me failing. Time and time again.