Meet Melissa

Hi, my name is Melissa. A professional photographer, food stylist and certified integrative nutrition health coach that loves to eat, travel and take photos. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I'm a straight up wear your heart on your sleeve kind of girl who loves to laugh. So if you are obsessed with food, health, travel and a good time you have come to the right place because you will find amazing recipes, reviews and stories of adventures on my blog! 

This is my place where I want to create alchemy of all things food combined with a touch of wellness. I recently discovered mindful eating and it changed my life. I now love to move my body and eat fresh real food as much and as often as possible. I also made a cookbook about it all which you can find here.

What I do -

I work with restaurants, accommodation and amazing brands as both a Photographer, Health Coach, Food Stylist and Influencer and I would love to hear from you.

Please, no press releases and I don't host other people's work on my site. If I haven't shot it, I don't post it. I work as a full time professional photographer and should you require my services you have come to the right place. I also work as a food stylist/Private Chef and do catering for boutique private functions. If blog posts are sponsored I will make mention of this and if you are interested in having your brand seen on The Truffle Journal pop me a mail, I would love to collaborate and create something perfect for your brand to market it the best way possible.  

All the recipes on my blog are tried and tested (several times) by either myself, a loved one or have been handed down from generation to generation. You will find nothing but tasty recipes, amazing restaurants and the best travel spots on my blog! If I speak about it, it is because I truly enjoyed it! You also won't find any negativity here - it's not my style to complain. I would rather not share it and keep shining a light on what works! 

My message -

Sometimes it's a haphazard affair in my kitchen and my life. I occasionally make meals that flop and boil my eggs too hard but I’m ok with that, it keeps me honest. I am lucky enough to come from a long tradition of home cooks and I want to share my knowledge and blunders, in hope that somewhere I can be a lifeline to a home cook out there wanting to be better! I like honest food that makes people beg for seconds and speaks for itself. I believe in eating fresh, local and organic as much and as often as possible. 

I love to travel and adventure as often and as much as I can. I suppose it the old saying of, have bag will travel. I also share my adventures on the blog. Be it around the corner in Cape Town or over the oceans I am always on the hunt for great spots to visit and to eat at. I'm no authority and my experiences are my own. Hopefully through sharing them you will gain something or even just have help picking out a great spot for lunch!

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I hope you enjoy my outlook on life.  

Always remember, make memories, make love and make food. Whatever the season.