this is a section on the blog of little cheats, some of my best kept secrets and discovered delights that you can call on when in need. some call them life hacks and some call them cheating but i can assure you that the day will come when you will need them. never fear and never panic because most things in life are solved with a sweet cup of tea and a positive attitude.

oh no I have run out of milk!
always keep a six pack of long life milk in the cupboard. its not the best however its better than being caught without milk. i do this although i buy fresh milk, just to have as a back up.

what do i do with my parmesan rinds?
one thing is for sure, i never throw them away! keep them and use them in any soup to add flavour or in stews, just take them out before serving!

how do i know if my eggs are off?
if your eggs float in a bowl of water, its best to avoid them.

i hate fishing out bits of broken shells when i crack an egg
use the half shell that you have to scoop up the bits of shell, that way it won’t keep slipping away.

why do you break eggs into a bowl before adding them to your batter?
you never know if your eggs is off even if you buy them fresh. rather break them into a bowl to make sure instead of spoiling your batter!

i want to make banana bread but my bananas aren’t ripe
put them in the oven at 100°c for 40-50 minutes and watch them blacken to ripe and juicy perfection. don’t worry is they leak a little!

want to make sure your meat is perfectly tender?
add fresh pineapple juice. not only it will sweeten your marinade it will also make sure your meat is soft and tender.

don’t have buttermilk but must get your cake done?
add 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice to 1 cup of full cream milk. let stand for 10 minutes and it should curdle and voila, buttermilk.

why full cream milk?
always bake with full cream milk. not only is it full of creaminess but its full of all the goodness of calcium.

i want my frosting to be a little less sweet
add some ground course salt to your frosting while mixing. half a teaspoon or so should do the job and give it a delicious taste!

bacon is something i take very seriously and I’m sure most of you do. the best way to cook it?
bake your bacon in the over on a cooling rack thats been placed on top of a baking tray. the fat will render and you will get delicious crispy bacon.

of course i forgot to take the butter out to get it to room temperature!
simple, grate the cold butter with a cheese grater. it will warm up faster and be in a mixable state.